Army Men Strike Tutorial


Army Men Strike is a battle strategy game in which you compete with thousands of players at a battle and control a toy military. The sport entails collecting resources, exploring weapons, building teams of toys, coaching toy troops, doing recces along with your radio-controlled airplane, fighting city conflicts, and forming strong alliances so you can assist each conquers the enemy.


Construct your Headquarters in your bedroom with the tiny train to transfer the tools you find. Make the moneybox utilize and that your treasury magnets to accumulate metal, then use it to construct fortifications to keep invaders. Build and design conflict robots to lead your army, send them and conflicts to combat. Use approaches to set up your troops and personalities using different formations to halt the boss out of beating the home since you compete or form an alliance with other gamers for more territory power and stature.

Daily Quest

Completing Daily Quests is one way to acquire rewards like tips and gold. Daily Quests are crucial for leveling your compass, acquiring resources, and perks. It is beneficial to finish the Daily Quests daily since it will allow you to get ready for forthcoming events that you may earn benefits from.

Playing and finishing a Daily Quest at a day ought to easily earn one of the 2,300 points required to unlock the activeness chest. If you’re fighting to achieve this points complete it is due to one of the reasons, you have been purchasing things, not getting VIP, or stamina. To rectify this use 3 VIP point cards each day, only use stamina when it is closest to the daily technology reset time and buy ten antennas.

Corps Quest

These quests are also to be prosperous in them entails teamwork from the corps and also you which you’re in and also daily. You will be earned perks and rewards that will allow your corps to grow by completing Corps Quests. These advantages include supplies and tech components which will permit you to boost your corps control centre radius, and Corps Honour that you are able to use to buy a lot of different kinds of products that are helpful.

How to Optimize Power

The best way to accomplish your power capacity if you’ve got the tools would be to ensure that the timers are currently moving. This usually means you’ve got all kinds of troops training research and fortifications. If you do not have the tools to do so you can ask Corps members for them in ‘Corps Chat’ or the ‘Mail All’ attribute. People are pleased to assist.

The secret to maintaining the electricity coming would be to always perform the Daily Quests and Corps Quests since they offer you a great deal of speedups, gold and resources that you may then use in conjunction to maintain the timers moving and construct power at maximum capacity.


Always be certain as you locate your Control Center, the conflict will return to sources and your own. It’s hospitals versus the power of the enemy since you level, to have maxed hospitals.

It’s more beneficial to construct hospitals rather than a resource. The amount of soldiers you are able to cure in them may be collecting tools to help stave off an assault. Because it is a corps battle other players must help reinforce the participant getting attacked. You do that by providing them with their funds in order that that they can cure the troops in associations. Another strategy is to set up your troops.


It’s your energy versus your aims hospital ability and resources after attacking. Before you set up your troops be certain to send a radio-controlled airplane to spy on the enemy you anticipate attacking. That way, you’ll get some idea what it is you’re up against. The enemy has gamers soldiers inside their base whenever you do strike. A fantastic strategy is to ship three times the amount of troops you’re attacking if. Doing so will help cut the quantity of loses you’ll have.

If you teleport to strike an enemy, you want to be certain to place yourself as near them possible. This permits you to attack much quicker and finish your target at a faster time. Another plan is to think about a cooperation with a buddy. He will put up a defense and send their troops where his troops attack the target for a reduction of troops.

Important Resources

As a few individuals are aggressive while some are defensive, this will be based on the people play fashion. It’s important which you level your hospitals possible and study the ‘Medical Construction’ so you’re ready to improve the quantity of troops that are injured they could hold. Bear in mind that if you have more troops than hospital ability the rest of your troops have been killed.

Consider building the grade 1 Traction Missle Launchers located at the Artillery Factory. That’s because these cannons have 20 load. It’s the maximum load and they also permit your gatherers to accumulate funds for a longer period of time. These grade 1 Traction Missle Launchers are cheaper and more effective than standard kinds like One-Man Copter Commando and Recon Tank try to get enough of these to fulfill your capacity that is marching.

EM Knight Quest

The EM Knight challenge doesn’t consume stamina, and your troops might be healed on your headquarters. The strategy would be to concentrate your attack. Basically, the batteries which are destroyed. Attacking the batteries may induce the EM Knight to become vulnerable to attacks. You may receive rewards for every one of the three attempts on each and every amount of EM Knight.

The Amount 1 EM Knight batteries have to be attacked three times before they’re ruined. This implies that your three strikes will take 60 percent of a battery out. After that, you will need a second corps member to strike the amount.

Some Useful Tips

Do not hurry to deploy troops, on destroying enemy atomic structures first concentrate. If your ability doesn’t deal much damage, you might have to think about updating the hero. As soon as you’ve set up your troops use the Find skill to direct them to destroy any buildings that are offensive. It is possible to find more Morale (blue block) by destroying enemy structures. Just be certain that you prevent casualties by directing your troops to skip any mines.

When you’ve destroyed of the enemy structures that are offensive move your troops to assault the enemy Headquarters. Attempt without destroying buildings, to win the conflict. If you don’t care about casualties and have sufficient troops, you always have the option to point a direct attack on the enemy Headquarters. When you experience difficult stages, you want to guarantee you have a massive army and heroes.

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