Clash of Clans Basic Tutorial part 1


Bear in mind you may openly move things around as much as you would like, and therefore don’t be worried about the Cannon’s positioning for now. For this, you understand how Elixir functions – construct an Elixir Collector to receive 150 Gold to begin gaining a steady supply of the vital resource flowing right into. Watch how combat works and observe the Cannon in actions. You are also introduced to unit recovery. Together with the battle finished and won, you’re likely to select your name.

Ensure that you pick the one that you’re comfortable with as that is actually hardly something which you might change later on. Repeat your task to your Elixir Storage with Gold Storage. Harness the Barracks and then place it on the image someplace. You are almost ready to construct the classic Barbarian parts today. To achieve this, then tap and hang tight the Barbarian icon. You are in a position to utilize Gem to quicken the wait procedure. But, it only requires a few minutes, therefore, shouldn’t be too tough.

Other items

You get exp, essential for leveling up, by completing buildings. The more expensive and the more complex a construction requires to complete, the more exp you are rewarded with. Levels only really signify just how much a man was playing Clash of Clans and are not used to rank players. You get exp through upgrading, fighting, interrogate troops — normally any occupation from the game, if meaningful, will lead Exp to your list. You are able to see your existing degree. This shows your amount of experience factors. Leveling up allows you recruit players into your clan.

You are totally free to finish as you need! Within this period of time, you will understand that the Barbarians spilling of the Barracks and will return throughout the campfire. The game drops you to in the end utilizing a positive tutorial phase. The movie game allows you use Gem to accelerate the construction of the Cannon. You will need to not do this, alternatively conserving the stones for another use since they’re in very limited distribution. That finishes the acceptable tutorial segment, and the entire screen opens which you use, for instance, each the indicators and meters in the very top and down both lateral sides.

First Impression

Gems are not important to complete this. You then must build Elixir Storage to accommodate just about any overflow Elixir which cannot readily match from the Collector’s capacity. That being said, you will likely level up.

Exp Points

At this time, you’re likely to be introduced in the Shop, that’ll be gotten through the bottom right corner of the screen. Then you’re going to be tasked with establishing the Cannon, it’s likely to drag touching the screen.
Then, you must possess the delight of attacking the enemy.

First quests

This will surely get you a few free gems at a faster speed. The Goblins will hit when you finish the Cannon. Maintain an impartial spread of components, even though there’s no legitimate threat of collapse in the tutorial. Regardless of what we said about prevent spending your Gem early in the day, this is, in fact, a very important purchase. The subsequent task is to also raise the quantity of somebody’s Gold.

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